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What is PPF & Public Provident Fund

You must have heard about PPF or public provident fund and you must have a question, what is public provident fund? If you are searching about this then this is a very good plan for you, but some questions related to this saving plan must come to your mind, if you want to invest something for your future, then you can invest in a savings plan here It gets a lot of benefits, it is a TAX free plan and for this reason it is most preferred.

The list of some questions is given below and maybe the question you want to answer is included in this list and some topics are also given in this list, which I will tell you further.

• PPF Account Benefits
• How to open a PPF account
• withdrawal rules
• interest rate
• what is Public Provident fund or PPF

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This is an investment plan run by the government and the purpose of this plan is to instill the habit of saving in people and through this plan you can save without paying tax, you can open this plan in postoffice and government banks and private banks. Right now you are getting 7.1% return annually, in this the returns varies but there are lot of benefits in this, here you have to deposit money for 15 years, now you have got information about what is Public Provident Fund and further told about it has gone

There are some exceptions to this saving plan, in which you can withdraw your money before 15 years and the list of exceptions is given below.

• In this you can withdraw 50% money after 5 years
• You can withdraw all the money from your account to get an emergency like serious illness or to teach children, here you are not given a limit of 50%.
• If you are putting money in this saving plan for 2 years, then you can take a loan of 25% of the amount you have invested in 2 years.

We can also understand the third point through an example, if you put Rs 1 lakh in the first year and Rs 1 lakh in the second year, then you can take a loan of 25% of this 2-year amount in the third year, you cannot withdraw. It is a risk free investment because this savings plan is run by the government, you can put a minimum of Rs 500 to Rs 1 lakh 50 thousand in 1 year, if you put more than this, then you have to pay tax and if you If you open your children’s account, you can put up to Rs. 150000 only from your child’s account.

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You can also transfer the account here, you can also transfer to your bank branch and post office. I think the question that came to your mind is what is the public provident fund?
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