Tips To Use Linkedin » Grow Your Reach [Top 5 Secrets]


Linkedin has changed the trend of using social media and tips to use linkedin is very important to know about it and today I will tell you about its correct usage, today there are many social media platforms available on the internet but we only We know about some old platforms and if we know about new platforms then we do not use their daily

• Send connection request only to people related to your area

You post daily

• You tell about things related to your work in the story

• Tag your friends in your post

• Create informative and good posts

• Help people, give them tips to do good

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You must have come to know about some things, a question that comes in the mind of every linkedin user is that this platform is good for me or is there a better social media platform than this according to me, this platform is right for everyone. The reason is that here you can do video marketing as well as make your brand famous

How to make your brand famous through linkedin?

• Must tag your brand at the time of photo

• Repeatedly use your brand name in video

• Tell your brand when talking to people

If you keep in mind all the above things, then you will have many more benefits, now I will tell you about some tools by using which you can promote your brand.


This is a very good tool, it is used to create graphic design as well as it is also used for photo editing, it is a very useful tool in digital marketing, where you get both free and premium accounts. If you are starting to run linkedin platform, then you should create its free account.

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Google Trends

This is a trending topic research tool from which you can get related information from any topic as well as you can also see realtime reports, you have to use it to give good information to people, you can find trending topics here. Used when doing digital marketing

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