LinkedIn Facts About That You Don’t Know [3 Hacks ]


Linkedin is a social media platform that professionals use a lot and daily and the reason is that there are some features available in it that you only get on very few social media platforms.

Today I will tell you some such things related to LinkedIn which will help you a lot and you will find out what kind of features you are actually using the platform you are using.

  • This platform describes all the achievements you have made.
  • Here you can connect with people related to your business.
  • Here you meet new people and make connections with those people

I think you might not be using something here like a story, article. Here you should use the story. You have some new things in your story like what you have achieved this month and what you want to do.

I understand you as an example, if you are thinking about something or work and want to do something new, then you should share it through your story so that if a person wants to do that kind of work then he will ask you Can talk

This platform has been updated for a long time. If you see, the interface of this platform was slightly different 5 years ago and today its design has also been changed.

This is a platform where you can share photos, videos, and articles, here you can also share links, if you share links on other platforms, you are blocked, but if you share links on LinkedIn You won’t be blocked

Apart from this platform, many other social media platforms are also available, whose names are given below.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Marketing is also done on Facebook and Instagram. This means that you can advertise your product here as well as you can also get leads.


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