How To Use LinkedIn [Powerful Account Creation Guide 2020]


Linkedin is a social media platform, where you are active in branding and business related people, here today I will tell you about how to use LinkedIn, it is also very important to know the benefits of using this tool, if you do it If you learn how to run, you can make a good identity as well as you can apply for jobs here.

How to create an account on linkedin?

• Visit the official website of linkedin

• Here you have to click on the option of signup

• You have to fill some things here

• Now your linkedin account will be created

In linkedin, you have to make connections, if you make 30000 connections then after this you start getting followers, this is a very easy way to connect with people quickly and for this you just have to do some clicks and you logo Will be associated with There are many similar benefits and it is very important to know them.

• It helps you to connect with professional logo

• It also gives you the recommendation to make a connection

• You can also apply for jobs here.

• Companies can also offer you jobs by looking at your profile.

You may have come to know about its benefits through some of the points given above, but here you have to take care of some things like that here you have to make your profile good, for this also you will have to do some work to make this connection. Can be related to and talk to people, post a good post, etc.

You have to post here daily and you can put both video or photo but if you put video then you get a good response here. If you want to grow your brand, then you can say your brand name in photo or video many times. And in the video also, say your brand name again and again.

The design of this platform is also very easy and it is also very useful, here you have to put professional things like you can put things like story, post, article etc.

Good growth can be taken on linkedin as I give you my example, I have my linkedin ID (AVSVishal), you follow me because you will be able to understand how you can get business or job opportunities by seeing my regular post.


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